Route 59

Many years ago my sister in law and family gave me a bit of a London Transport bus stop. It is an enamelled square that tells would be travellers that this was the stop for route 59.


Now I have to confess that I had no real idea about route 59 so when I thought about this item, I looked it up and Wikipedia told me that route 59 was introduced new in 1999.

‘That can’t be’, I thought. I’ve had this route indicator for much longer than that. But I always say that somebody will have done the research and it seemed to me that Ian Armstrong’s site at has everything I need. It’s an amazingly detailed site of London bus routes since 1950.

It seems the entire route was from Victoria Embankment through Blackfriars, Elephant and Castle, Brixton, Croydon and Purley to the Chipstead Valley. But between Victoria and Blackfriars and also from Purley to Chipstead were Sunday only services.

I’m going to guess that this bus stop marker came from the Victoria to Blackfriars stretch. The Sunday service was withdrawn in the mid 1980s.

This route was closed in 1994, making the number available for a new route in 1999.

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