Eric Ravilious – May

Gosh, these months come round fast. It seems no time at all since I wrote a blog about the Ravilious boat race print but a whole month has now elapsed. So what have I been looking at in May?


It’s a scene called Ironbridge Interior and was painted in 1941.

This picture has been considerably cropped to fit the square format of the calendar. I think it loses a little impact as a result.

Ironbridge is not the little town in Shropshire that grew around Abraham Darby’s magnificent 1779 bridge over the River Severn. It was the Ravilious home near Shalford in Essex. This farmhouse was rented for £70 per year in cash and £70 worth of paintings.

For me, this is the Ravilious I love, albeit it is not a Sussex or chalk downland image. It is just simple and has all of Eric’s use of light and shade. The vase of flowers contains wild verge side herbage – cow parsley which most would call a weed and not a flower for picking. The chair is simple and on the left hand wall there is a Ravilious painting of a vase of flowers. The vase in the painting is Wedgwood, in the style the boat race image was to go on.

This is a room where I could feel at home and able to live. I have very much enjoyed looking at this picture for a month.


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