Will Ware – First World War survivor

We have already met Will on this blog. He was my great uncle and he led a varied and, no doubt, interesting life. Not least amongst the matters of interest was the fact that he was born a couple of years before his parents married and he was registered with his mother’s surname of Kesby.

Evidence suggests that Will was not always happy at home and at quite an early age he stowed away on a ship for Canada.

During World War One he returned to Europe as a Canadian Soldier. He was quite seriously injured and was evacuated to England in 1917.

I do not know when or where he met his future wife, Flo Simmons, but here we see the two of them together with Will in his Canadian uniform.


The couple married in 1919 and Will remained an Englishman ever after.

As far as I know he became a Ware, formally, in 1929.

Will died in 1959. I never knew him but I know my mum was fond of her Uncle Will. He lived and worked in the Margate area and I know mum used to visit him there.

Let’s finish with any photo of Will in his Canadian army uniform.



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