Thornham Parva

This little village in Suffolk sounds like something out of a P G Wodehouse novel. I can just imagine Bertie Wooster finding himself in a country house at Thornham Parva where he would, inevitably, have got engaged to a girl by accident, had a row with Jeeves over the colour of spats to be worn and eventually he’d realise that Jeeves had sorted out all problems.

That would be fiction. Let’s enjoy the church as it is (or was in 2009).


This is the sort of small, solid looking church that I can approve of. The fact that it is under a thatched roof adds to its charm and so, too, do the primroses growing in profusion.

Inside the church there are medieval wall paintings.


Aha! A wheel and that’s something for a happy nerd to enjoy.


And an oil lamp too! Now that’s superb.

In fact everything is so idyllic and perfect – except for a misplaced pylon.


Oh well. We all need electricity – even in Thornham Parva.



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