A scarce swallowtail

I have no idea whether scarce swallowtail butterflies are scarce other than in the UK which is a bit north of its range. I just know that when I saw some, back in 2006, I didn’t recognise them and felt they were something a bit special.

We weren’t in England or indeed in any part of the British Isles at the time. We were in the South of France. It was the 6th April in 2006.

The location was the Cirque de Navacelles – a truly amazing place. Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about the place.

The Cirque de Navacelles is large erosional landform, an incised meander, located towards the southern edge of the Massif Central mountain range in France. It is located near Saint-Maurice-Navacelles and Blandas between the Hérault département and the Gard département.

This is one of my photos of this utterly awe inspiring location.


I didn’t get a great photo of a butterfly – here’s what I did get.


Oh yes! They were well camouflaged on this blossom laden tree. Let’s zoom!



The rather poor photos couldn’t diminish my pleasure at seeing these strange butterflies which seem to pretend to have a head at the tail end.


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