Bother the negatives

Actually, I don’t really think they are a bother. I think they are grand to have although they cause me some difficulties. I refer, of course, to my grandfather’s collection of photographic negatives – taken by him in the 1920s and 30s.

Of course, I have no information with them and I can’t always identify people or places. Here’s one which I may have just cracked, although I can’t be certain.


My immediate caption for this was, ‘young woman, woman, boy, girl, boy’. And there it has remained for some ten years. But I felt it should be solvable and by careful comparison with other photos I believe this to be my Great Aunt Mercy Edwards and four of her children. Mercy was born in 1878 and the four children I believe these to be are, Hilda, born 1905, in the back row with her mother and then in the front row we have John, born 1914, Ruth born 1911 and George born 1907.

From that I date the photo to about 1919. That was the year my dad was born so perhaps his aunt and cousins had come to meet a new-born relative.

Let’s compare with another photo.


This is clearly a studio photo and contains Mercy’s eldest child, Ernest as well as her other four offspring. I think it is the same family. I wonder if anybody out there can offer an opinion – or even some knowledge?


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