Cacti at Kew

We had a recent family get together at Kew Gardens. Luck was with us and we had good weather with no need to go in the glass houses to escape the rain. But of course we did visit these interior spots and the Princess of Wales Conservatory remains a favourite, perhaps because of its cactus collection.

Back in the late 1980s and into the 90s our son had been an avid cactus collector. We took him to Kew to see them back then and when it came to his GCSE technology project he designed and built a watering system with trays to hold water and a reversible pump to put water in and take it out again. He attended meetings of the local cactus society so for a while our life seemed to revolve around these prickly plants.

Remnants of his once extensive collection still linger on – inevitably in our house and not his. And look, this one even has flowers about to open.


But we can’t rival Kew, of course and here’s a collection at that west London botanic garden.


Looking around again, after more than twenty years, certainly brought old memories back for us three – self, wife and son.


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