Back in 1962 a bit of financial security had arrived for my family – a family in which I was the youngest of three teenaged children. This was the year we went abroad. My dad, with a job that needed him to have a reliable vehicle had bought something brand new. It was a Bedford Dormobile. Because this was classed as living accommodation and therefore exempt from purchase tax, it was actually quite cheap. With that vehicle, and a tent, we set off to explore some of Western Europe. A place we all fell in love with was Bacharach in the Rhine Gorge.

This little town was steeped in history and had fantastic buildings in a fantastic setting. But I was a nerd! Bacharach also had a railway station.

My dad captured an image of a train passing through.


Looking at this photo now, 50 years plus on, I can but marvel at the things I didn’t notice then. Never mind the train, hauled by a German electric loco. What about those trolleys? Aren’t they fantastic?


Now they look like something from a past age and also not so very different from what you might have seen at a UK station. Mind you, I don’t remember a porter’s barrow looking like a sun bed in the UK.

The line was also busy with freight and my dad got a snap of a freight train, this time in colour.


And that photo gives some idea of the splendour of the Bacharach scenery.

I must return to this holiday some time.


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One Response to “Bacharach”

  1. gaphodoc Says:

    Oh, fun. I ended up in Bacharach by accident, along with my mom-in-law in 1992. It was such a pleasant, lovely place and so nice to stumble into on our way elsewhere. We had caught the wrong train, forgetting that it couldn’t be ours and “early” – not in Germany, they are (were then) always just on time!

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