Another Postcard from Great Granny

Do you know what? I feel very fortunate that I descend from a line of hoarders. I couldn’t feel more pleased that my granny kept postcards and her children kept them too. And now her grandchildren keep them and with luck they’ll survive into another generation in the future. Today I have a postcard which was written by Great Granny – Sarah Ann Stevens – to Granny – Ethel Kate (née) Stevens. Great Granny was born in Butley in Suffolk in 1850 but moved to the Isfield area of Sussex. Granny was born in that area in 1892 and when the card was written she was a maid, a few miles away at Buxted.


I’d better say that I don’t think the lucky black cat worked for Granny. She went through the trauma of having a child before she married and having to give the babe away. A First World War obviously made life hard and prosperity never came her way. But her health was good until she had a stroke in old age.

As ever, it is the other side which is more interesting.


So this was Granny, in service at Saxon Court. The card was posted on Feb 28th 1910. Gran would have been 18 then. The message is round a right angle, just to make it a bit harder for the postman to read.


I’m not sure why Great Granny felt a need to try to make it harder for the postman to read. I’d have thought her handwriting and lack of punctuation did that quite well.

Here’s what I make of it.

dear Chicks (a regular affectionate name for Granny)

I hope you will like puss hope you will look after her well give her plenty of milk

What lovely weather we having hope you not blowd away with love from Dad & ????? Pom Pom and all that’s with love from Mater


Messages like this, with all is flaws and imperfections, turn great granny who died more than twenty years before I was born into a much more real person. My granny was her youngest child and it seems as though Great Granny still thought of Ethel or Chicks as her baby.

Yes, I feel very lucky.

By the way, Granny’s child, born before marriage, (but my grandfather was the father) was a well-kept family secret which only came to light with the power of the internet and various people doing genealogy. I’m pleased to say I was able to meet my unknown aunt and what a lovely lady she was,


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2 Responses to “Another Postcard from Great Granny”

  1. currentdescendent Says:

    You are lucky!

    • locksands Says:

      Yes, very lucky on my dad’s part of the family. Other areas are not so well hoarded. But we work on that!

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