We recently visited the National Trust property at Mottisfont. It’s well worth a visit, particularly when the roses are in flower, but the stroll through the shady woods alongside the River Test would be wonderful at any time. They have temporary art exhibitions in upstairs room. We hadn’t checked upon what it would be, but do you know, amongst the present collection there were five works by Eric Ravilious – none of them the well-known ones. Now how fab was that?

So what am I showing you here? A very ordinary bathroom!


This is not the now much despised 1970s avocado suite. I reckon this one dates from the 50s. I’m almost certain of this because it is very, very similar to ours at home.

Mind you, ours is in a much smaller room and harder to photograph. I certainly couldn’t show a similar scene and it was the basin I decided to concentrate on.


That’s very, very similar. The only way I could get a picture was to hold a small camera right back over our bath. You can see my arm and camera in the mirror. Even then, I decided to put this shot in an oval frame to remove extraneous cabinets.

I don’t think we’ll be opening our bathroom for visitors – we could just point them to Mottisfont instead.



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