Table Tennis

I may be the wrong side of retirement age, but I still play table tennis. I have now been a member of teams in the Devizes and District League for more than forty years. Within that league I’d say I’m a very average player and there’s no doubt that I am slower and even less mobile than I once was. But I still enjoy it.

These days technology plays a big part in the game. People who don’t play would be stunned by how much difference having the right bat makes. They’d be amazed at the bewildering variety of blade materials and rubbers you can stick on them. Non players tend to rubbish the idea that it can make much difference to a player, but be assured, it really does.

I’m a spinny, defensive player, rather than an attacking ‘hit it hard’ person. I need a bat which grips the ball so that you can impart as much spin as possible. But being mean, I also need a cheap bat. You could spend well over a hundred quid on a bat.

But it wasn’t always so and today I shall show a bat that is now totally illegal because one side isn’t red and the other isn’t black and the rubbers aren’t stamped with the mark of a recognised table tennis association.


This bat has an early 60s look to me. One of the greats of UK table tennis, Chester Barnes, played with bats of that shape and, as a result, so did many others.

The added bonus on this bat is the local, Devizes commotion.


The handle is clearly stamped ‘Cole & Son Devizes & Chippenham.

Devizes folks will remember their shop in the Market Place. It’s good to have a reminder.


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