My mother

I have been inspired by Opobs who wrote about his mother’s 90th birthday. My mother would have been 90 this year as well. But she didn’t make it. In fact she didn’t even get half way for she died when she was just 43. In terms of actual birthdays she was only ten and a bit for she was born on a February 29th.

I could say she never had the easiest of lives. Her own mother died when she was just eight. I suspect times had been financially quite hard. Certainly photos are few and far between and not very good quality.


This photo dates from 1928. Mum is on the right with big sister on the left and little brother in the middle. None of them are with us any more, but a fourth sibling was yet to be born and she is still alive.


Here we have mum with the same little brother.


The threesome again. Perhaps this was taken at Margate for they did visit an uncle there. That fourth sibling was adopted by an aunt – she was still a babe in arms when her mother died.


A school photo of my mother, in about 1935.


About 1942.

My parents married in 1944. I have no photographic record of this event.


Parents and my siblings at Southsea in 1951.


In colour, with dad in 1957


Christmas 1963. Mum was already ill by then.


A first grandchild in 1965 – the only one of the six she ever knew.


On holiday in Somerset in 1966

My dad remarried – a much younger woman. He and second wife celebrated a silver wedding. Two more children were born and my dad ended with ten grandchildren. At the present count he’d have almost 12 great grandchildren – but he died nearly twenty years ago.

Just in case it all sounds like a tale of woe, I think I’ve had a fantastic life so far.



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2 Responses to “My mother”

  1. opobs Says:

    A lovely set of photographs, glad I was able to inspire you to write the story.

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