A Columbia Gramophone

In my ‘about’ page I mentioned I had at least 4 working gramophones. This means those of the wind-up or clockwork variety rather than anything requiring electricity. From time to time I use them in my voluntary work. Many kids find them unbelievable and for those of much older years they bring back nostalgic memories of their younger days.

I had the good fortune to collect these gramophones at the time when they were being chucked out. I paid next to nothing for any of them. Back in the 1960s they were old fashioned and inconvenient. In the brave new world back then, wind up gramophones had to go.

So here is my Columbia.


It’s a bit careworn – but then so are most people who are 84 years old.

The lid opens, of course.


It’s quite hard to find a maker’s label – under the lid.


It is a bit hidden by the case which holds ten records which can be fastened in the lid.


It’s made to match.

I like the little chrome coated pot for needles.


A domed lid comes over to shut this.

You can hear this gramophone playing an appropriate record by clicking here. The record is Harmonica Harry played by the Jack Payne band.


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