Silver Studded Blue

Is liking butterflies a nerd thing? They are so delicate and beautiful – not like many a nerd interest. But I love butterflies and on a recent trip to Cornwall we were delighted to find a cliff top area alive with silver studded blue butterflies. These are small butterflies. The wing span is about an inch as compared with a peacock butterfly with a wing span of over 2.5 inches.

Silver studded blues sometimes sit with wings upright and closed and sometimes with wings open. Both ways they look fantastic although, amazingly, the closed wings can look just like foliage.

There we see wings closed so we are looking at the underside of the wing.


I was able to persuade one such butterfly to settle on my finger.


You can gauge the size here. My fingers, I reckon, are fairly ordinary.


Silver studded blues are like birds of a feather. They flock together.


When these butterflies settle and spread their wings, quite a different colour emerges.


Isn’t that just perfection?

And again, you find them clustered together.


By the way, these are all males. The female of the species is less striking than the male.


What a fantastic sight – within a couple of hundred yards of our camp site. It was worth a week in Cornwall just to see them.

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5 Responses to “Silver Studded Blue”

  1. currentdescendent Says:


    • marketlavingtonmuseum Says:

      I couldn’t agree more – utterly beautiful

      • Pete Says:

        The nature reserve on Pear Tree Hill is one of the very few places a particularly rare blue butterfly can be found. I forget which one – but I remember going there with my eldest brother when he was doing a project related to them for his degree. He left little electronic weather recording boxes around the place that were subsequently read using a ZX Spectrum. That would have been over 25 years ago now though, so I hope that local population hasn’t gone extinct.

  2. locksands Says:

    I think chalk hill blue butterflies are rare. Perhaps it was them??

  3. Pete Says:

    Just looked online and now I remember it was the Adonis Blue.

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