Old crocks

I think we have looked at the veteran car rally before on this blog (click here).

It’s nothing like that this time. This is about crockery from the past, although still with us.


This was some of mother-in-law’s crockery and it is resting on one of her table cloths. It dates from the 1950s

I’ll let my wife say a bit here – really she was talking about 1950s shops in her then home town of Worcester.

At Lawley’s, the china shop, a new tea service was chosen. The design was Conway Spot, by Ridgeway, with a green band on the white china, spotted with white polka dots and edged with a fine gold line. We bought a few items at a time, as we could afford them, rather in the way that balls of knitting wool were put in a lay-by, to be purchased as needed.

When I first started dating my girlfriend I was in for a bit of a shock in terms of life style. In my household we never had matching crockery. We all had our own favourite plates, knives, forks and spoons although I, as the youngest, had to make do with what others didn’t want. Some items we just didn’t have. So, for example, in that Conway Spot set shown there is what I discovered was called a slop basin – for tipping tea dregs into before a second cup was poured. We never had one of them. But we did have large dinner plates, tea plates and cups and saucers. Mum used to bake cakes and these might have been put on a decorative plate – we had some. The glass item in the photo was a sugar bowl and we certainly had one of them for back in the 50s we all laced our tea with spoonsful of sugar.

Oddly, I don’t remember a table cloth in my home. At a very early stage I remember dad bought Formica and impact adhesive and covered the table which then became a wipe clean affair. Actually, early photos do show a table cloth sometimes.

By the way, my wife, always more dedicated than me put together a lovely book about her childhood and I have nabbed photo and paragraph about it from that.



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