A happy nerd in Cornwall

St Agnes Railway Station

On our stay in Cornwall, earlier this month I failed to take a correct turn at one point and a bit later on we stopped in a layby to look at our map (no satnav for us. Satnav is great for getting to destinations but doesn’t point out the chance finds on the way there.) The map lost my interest for I was clearly face to face with a railway station of yore. Do you know, I hadn’t really taken in that an old railway line passed quite near own campsite in the Blue Hills although I had already noted the odd parapet of a railway bridge. The station we found appeared to be nowhere in particular but by pure chance we had found the station called St Agnes. Research proved that this was a late arrival on the railway map, opening as a line from roughly Truro to Newquay in 1905. The line passed within a mile or so of St Agnes – but too far away to be useful really and also had a station on the edge of Perranporth. The line closed in 1963. I don’t suppose it had ever been busy or made money, but then it was built to make sure a rival railway company had no excuse to build a line to Newquay – a town still served by a branch line from Par.

We returned to St Agnes Station to allow a nerd to be very happy.


The old GWR station building is in red brick under the roof with the hip end. I imagine the frontage – in station style is a recent addition. Apparently there was an abortive attempt to make some of this line a heritage railway. But whoever owns it now seems to be an enthusiast so maybe the Virol ads came quite recently. The platform and running lines were on the right side, between the building and the tree-topped bank.


More Virol ads on a lovely little building. I can close my eyes and imagine the 08.15 from Perranporth (summer Saturdays only) coming to rest at the platform and then continuing its journey to Truro, Par and London Paddington where it arrived at five to four in the afternoon. Somewhere en route it would have passed the 08.25 from Paddington making the return journey.

Inside the station there’s evidence of railway enthusiasm. There are station style lamps.


I’ll apologise for the Betty Boop poster!

There are relics and photos too.


There’s an LNER truck plate (I bet nothing like it ever reached St Agnes) and a photo of the station.

I have looked to the Cornwall Railway Society website at http://www.cornwallrailwaysociety.org.uk/chacewater-to-newquay-branch.html  for other photos.


This was the station forecourt in 1963 – the year of closure.


And here passengers board at the platform.

The big surprise for us was the presence of a diesel shunting loco on a raised plinth in the yard.


I think this is a Devonport shunter – certainly never a main line loco.

I was delighted to find this old station and the evidence of railway enthusiasm there. I know it wouldn’t be every holiday maker’s idea of a place to visit but it helped me to understand the area I was in.



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3 Responses to “A happy nerd in Cornwall”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. Something very poignant about these old stations. Regards Thom.

  2. Simon - Brookes Castle Says:

    Reblogged this on Loco Yard and commented:
    A lovely look at St Agnes station.

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