A Cathedrals Express

It’s a long time since I featured a ‘real’ steam train on this blog and I thought it was time for one. And here we have one redolent of my train spotting days but in fact dating from 27th November 2004. Gosh! That’s nearly ten years ago.

I don’t know if it has become hard to get a path for a steam train on my local line. Ten years ago they were quite common. Now they are rare as hen’s teeth. I thought for a while one might be due through on 16th August, but a note said it would be diesel hauled near here.

Anyway, here’s the train from back then in 2004. It’s passing through Cheverell.


The loco looks to be working hard as she rounds the curves on the cut off line built in 1900 to give the old GWR a shorter route to the West.

Now I have to confess that this particular loco was not known by me when I was a train spotter. I have no record of ever seeing her back in the 1960s and as far as I know she was based around Shrewsbury. But she was a British Railways standard class of engine and I saw identical locos and back in 2004 this loco was hauling the green train and that was the colour of my local trains back in the 60s. So in virtually every respect this train looks spot on to me.


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