Places where family have lived.

I was fascinated by a comment from Current Descendant on a recent post about Great Granny’s house. Seemingly the terraced house, with just a narrow pavement (or sidewalk) between the house and the road, looks quite alien to the lady with Kalamazoo, Michigan connections. I guess land, and maybe cash, were more plentiful in the States.

But if one such street surprises, I thought we could see more of the ancestors homes from times past – whilst saying I have never lived in a house without a bit of front garden.


My wife’s grandmother was born in the cottage with the ‘for sale’ sign up. That was back in 1888. This is Bassett Street in Redruth and looks up to the chimney at Pednandrea which was, originally, much taller. This family got wealthier and were able to move to a bigger and classier house on Clinton Road.

Grandfather (who married the grandmother of Bassett Street) lived in a slightly classier house with a little bit of front garden in Claremont Road in Redruth.


Both these houses gave a view to a hill called Carn Brea. That was the name the couple chose for their own house which was in Cheshire.

By contrast, another part of the Cheshire family had this very nice farm house called Cowbrook Farm in Gawsworth.


This was in the family for several generations but great great granny Maria Mottershead lived there in 1861 with parents and siblings.

Now this was the home of my great great grandfather in Tonbridge in Kent


In 1881 John Ware lived there with his wife and seven children. It must have been cramped. This one is on Rose Street in Tonbridge, Kent.

Well, it’s a bit of a mixture, which probably makes us much like anybody else.


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