Our House – then and now

We have been in our current house since 1976. It is just slightly over 38 years since we moved here – a long time in our life, and in the life of our house which was built in 1952.

Here’s a 1976 picture – and a reason for getting old slides digitised. There’s a mould blob on the old slide and it will surely spread.


It was, I have to say, a very drab and dull looking place. A lot has been done to it, but some things still remain the same. Let’s describe what we had then. That small window on the right hand end was for the loo and then we have the front door with wood that was so rotten you could poke your finger through it. The next window was the bathroom. That was quite a walk from the loo which always seemed silly for hand washing purposes. You had to leave the loo, walk into the house along a corridor, turn the right angle in the corridor and then you could get to the bathroom which had a bath and a washbasin.

In making changes we moved the loo into that bathroom.

The next window was the smallest bedroom and the left window was the middle sized bedroom.

Above the roof we can see the large TV aerial laden chimney stack with just one pot. The lack of a second pot meant that in East winds smoke from the lounge fire was blown back down the chimney and into the room!

Near the left hand end another chimney stack served a tiny fireplace in the large bedroom.

Now let’s look at a recent photo.


There’s quite a change. That much larger window, just above the car, is now in the kitchen. There’s a porch on the front door and that then leads straight into the same kitchen. The old ‘main room’ was tiny. Now it is a fit size for present day life.

It’s clear that rooms have been added in the roof – three bedrooms and a new bathroom have gone in there – and we still have an ample loft for storage. To do this we sacrificed the smallest bedroom which became a new front entrance with stairway to the upper floor.

The old, ill fitting, draughty windows have been replaced. The left hand chimney has entirely gone – right down to ground level and we have gained a second pot on the remaining chimney stack. We can now light a log fire in our lounge, no matter what direction the wind is coming from.

One worse thing is that the front path – a lovely stone walkway, is weedy. We are awaiting a builder who is going to lift the stones and reset them in concrete.

So that’s our house, then and now.


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