The Pedal Car

Back in the late 1940s my brother and I were born in a remote cottage near Wadhurst in Sussex. Just before the end of that decade we moved to a much less remote semi-detached in Ifield. I understand, for I have no memory of those far off days, that my big brother’s favourite toy never made the move. I don’t know why, but I suspect it never actually belonged to us. It was a pedal car and my dad photographed my brother in this – actually in 1949.


I’m afraid I can’t tell you a thing about the car – I was less than a year old when it got left behind when we moved. I’m reduced to obvious things. It is battered. That side door, in particular seems to have had a bit of a collision. However, my brother, who’d have been aged about two and a half has a very proprietorial air.

Brother, sadly, died very young in 1980. His grandchildren never knew him but they might well see a family resemblance here.

And what a shame that old car didn’t stay with us. It might be that someone out there could identify maker and age.



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