Snuff Street

Industrial Devizes

For more than forty years, Devizes has been my local town. It has seen many changes in that time and today we are looking back to a time when Snuff Street still looked industrial.


Snuff Street turns directly off Devizes Market Place.

The name was based on the fact that the Anstie family had a tobacco and snuff factory there. As an avid anti smoker, I’ll say I am delighted it had closed by the time I knew the area and the old buildings were in use as a printing works.


Small cottages – straight onto the narrow pavement are mixed in with industrial buildings. Nowadays it is residential and commercial.

At the New Park Street end of Snuff Street there is a lovely large industrial building.


This was set up by a different member of the Anstie family and was originally a cloth mill. The building dates from 1785. These days this building is clean, spruce and gentrified. It still looks lovely, particularly from Its New Park Street frontage.

These Devizes industries are gone but not forgotten.

The pictures from the early 1970s were taken on my little Canon Demi camera.

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