Nobody but an imbecile

This post might start off as a bit more of my favourite poetry, but it has a bit of a twist later on.

Regular readers might know that I like comic verse and this little book, originally published in 1917 certainly fits the bill for me.


It’s entertaining, light hearted, clever and funny. What more could you want>? Robert Williams Wood was a serious scientist and enjoyed, as a hobby, taking two dissimilar species but with similar sounding names, drawing them so they looked the same and writing a little verse. Here is one of his items.


You get the idea already, I’m sure.

And here’s another.


Ah yes, two opposites (almost) and our poet has failed to make them look similar, but this is my favourite and it has become bittersweet.

My brother in law is Bill or William and has always been Sweet William. Sadly, he has become afflicted with dementia and in rapid time has had to move to an appropriate care home. I certainly wouldn’t call him Cross Bill now, in fact in some ways, as he reverts to childhood he is even sweeter. But of course he is no longer the Bill we all knew and loved. It is just so sad to see the change and so hard for his nearest and dearest.

Fortunately, Bill, himself, seems happy enough albeit without understanding why he is in a care home.


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One Response to “Nobody but an imbecile”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. That’s definitely a book to seek out. Regards Thom.

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