The Lighthouse keeper, his daughter and granddaughter

Towards the end of the Second World War my father in law was based on the Faroe Islands, way up in the north Atlantic.

For some of the time he was based on the Southern tip of the islands – a place called Akraberg. The only residents there were the three lighthouse keepers and their families. The listening station there was a vital link in keeping the North Atlantic as safe as possible and teams of radio operators spent time listening in to the shipping.

These British troops were billeted on the lighthouse keepers and they became firm friends with them.

One of the lighthouse keepers was known as ‘Pappa Berg’ and in this photo by father in law we see him with his wife and his daughter, Olivia.


Olivia got particularly friendly with one of father in law’s colleagues who was called Arthur Renshaw. The photo album we have shows Arthur crouching in front of a group of British forces at Akraberg.


Arthur is the chap crouching with hands on knees.


By the way the unknown chap named as question mark is not unknown at all. That is father in law.

Olivia and Arthur married and went to live in Arthur’s home which was in Yorkshire.

Their daughter, who sent us the unexpected letter, moved back to the Faroe Islands and lives not that far from Akraberg.

We have never met her but how lovely to have this contact.



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One Response to “The Lighthouse keeper, his daughter and granddaughter”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. Good that some stories of War have happy endings. Regards Thom.

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