I like geese and used to keep them in the days when foxes followed the rules and only came out hunting at night.

I have featured some of my own geese on this blog before. Click here to see/read that post.

Today we are looking at geese on the Faroe Islands – those magnificent dots of land in the North Atlantic between the Shetland Islands and Iceland.

Father in Law was based on these islands towards the end of World War Two. He took this picture of geese.


There’s not much livestock that can cope with the pretty harsh environment up here. But geese can and (apologies to vegetarians) they’ll make a decent meal. Actually, on the topic of vegetarianism – I dare say such folks can survive on the Faroe Islands, but traditionally food has been scarce and islanders ate what they could. It wouldn’t be an ideal place to have too many food restrictions.

Of interest in that picture from about 1945 is the peat stack. The Faroes have got energy sorted. Electricity is all generated from renewable sources on the islands and as a result the peat stack is no longer much in evidence.

But geese are. This is a photo I took in 2005.


There are these handsome beasts enjoying a bit of sunshine as they convert indigestible (for humans) grass into poultry meat which we can eat.

And after all that a confession. I have tried eating goose – one of my own – and I thought it had quite an unpleasant flavour. These are very much birds I’m happy to look at and chat with (They don’t understand, of course, but it can feel like they do). I’d rather not eat them.

And with that I’ll remind anyone who feels they look cute, beautiful or anything like that, that these birds would not be there if people didn’t eat them.

And don’t be put off visiting these islands. You can get imported food perfectly easily in supermarkets and the islands and people are just fantastic.


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