When a child is born

The birth of a grandchild gives an excuse for looking back as well as forward so today I’ll be unashamedly nostalgic and comment on changes.

We’ll start with the youngest photo we have of me.


I’m already over four months old and was clearly practising my royal wave. New granddaughter is now just over a fortnight old and more photos of her have been taken than were probably taken of me throughout my childhood. This isn’t to be wondered at for changes in technology have meant it costs just about nil to take dozens of photos so you may as well take 100 in the hope of a good one.

But of course, as compared with the late 1940s when I first saw the light of day, people (most of them) now have much more disposable income and there is much more to dispose of it on.

New granddaughter has a self-rocking swing, a Moses basket on rockers, a pram/pushchair etc. etc. – and that’s the norm. My bed in that photo appears to be an old washing basket although this might have been a temporary affair for a photo session.

New granddaughter is lucky enough to have a big brother. I had a big brother and sister and here we are on the same day.


Garden furniture? No, of course not! That wonderful Lloyd Loom chair was one of our house chairs, carried out for the occasion. These days people have lavish garden furniture, purpose made.

But despite a paucity of equipment and all things for babies, I had the most wonderful childhood. I had a dad who loved me.


And a mum who doted on me.


That remains the most important thing and I’m pleased to say new granddaughter certainly has doting and loving parents.


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10 Responses to “When a child is born”

  1. Mom Says:

    Lovely! What an awesome thought. I think you should tuck a copy of this (one freshly written for each grandchild) into their 1st year keepsakes. What a treasure that would be to have

  2. How to: Maybe someone should write that down…the Prequel | Maybe someone should write that down... Says:

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    • locksands Says:

      I’m touched you think I’m ‘her’. Actually I’m the grandfather of the new babe and she’s doing just fine thanks.

  3. doriandean Says:

    Oh, Mom’s blog had your blog featured. I had liked a few things before, but I took more time this time around. You have a wonderful, wonderful blog! 🙂 Truly beautiful.

    • locksands Says:

      Thanks for the comment. I know that my blog, being an odd mix of things I like, can’t possibly please all of the people all of the time. But if it pleases some folks sometimes then I’m more than happy. I do feel I have been blessed with good fortune in life – not monetary fortune, but that doesn’t matter. It is being happy that matters.

      • doriandean Says:

        You and I are two sides of a coin then. I don’t have a ton of money, but we live a heck of a lot of life and we are very happy. 🙂

      • locksands Says:

        I’ll tell you what – being a parent was and still is great but being a grandparent is better. It’s so good to get away with all those little extras that parents disapprove of. OK, I suppose I’d rather be younger, but with the life attitudes I have now.

      • doriandean Says:

        I know, as a mom– I have changed my outlook on life for the better. I see more that I had forgotten to see long ago. I am hoping that this simply improves with age… then I will be older and wiser. However, I still hope that my body holds out so that I can enjoy that wisdom to its fullest. *grin*

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