This little game has had a brief mention before on this blog but today I’ll feature it fully.

It’s a small and neat little game of total chance.

Here’s the tin against a ruler so you can see just how small it is.


Inside are the two playing pieces – the bat …


… and the ball.


There is also a page of rules.


It’s hardly like real cricket for there is no element of skill at all, but even so a little tension can build. I had reached a score of 99 on one occasion and the great cry of ‘Owzthat’ went up. What a relief that ‘no ball’ was called.

This game had belonged to father in law it could date from the 20s or 30s although I believe it can still be purchased. I even found an on-line version of it which lacked the tactile experience of handling dice but it did the score keeping for you.

I can see that I might introduce grandson to the game soon. He’s only four but he has good adding/counting skills. It could make good practice for him. But beware of the tin itself. That has quite sharp edges.


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One Response to “Owzthat”

  1. Thom Hickey Says:

    Thanks. Cricket has always produced these lovely fantasy games – even more scores to record ! Regards Thom.

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