Computing Days Memories

Thirty years ago, like a true nerd, I wrote computer programs, some of which got published in magazines. This also led to me being a magazine writer. With young children at home it provided much needed extra income and it also provided me with a personal boost for I found I had a skill and somebody actually wanted to use it. I have always tended to rate myself as ‘OK, but that’s about it’ and it really did make me feel good to find I could get programs and articles published in magazines and get good money for them.

Writing in magazines meant I was courted, a bit, by the professional software producers. If I went to a show, I usually got showered with freebies and here’s one of them.


It’s a mug (I have more than one of these) and it advertises a company called Kudlian Soft. The company still exists which makes it quite a remarkable survivor in the field of software.

The mug features a fox character who is, no doubt cuddly and soft!


The other side of the mug reveals that fox is hiding a jar of ale!


I do like having reminders of this phase of my life from thirty or more years ago.


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