A pole legend

We have an electricity pole in our garden. It has not been there that long for it had to replace an older one when we had rooms added in our roof. The firm we employed to do the building work had not taken in (and neither had we) that a new dormer window they were building was going to need the space occupied by the mains electricity cable going to the house next door. The chaps actually doing the work knocked the hole in the roof and then asked, ‘What do we do with this cable?’

This was a black moment for the electricity board promised us a huge bill, which we could not afford and a huge delay with a big hole in our roof.

In the end, neither happened because the pole was in our garden, but serving another property and after a temporary botch to allow the workers to get on with our new rooms, a new pole was fitted.

I suppose it is thirty or so years old now – and it has this carved into it.


So my legend is using that word in the sense of something written on the pole.

But what does it all mean? Mostly, I don’t know. Maybe the 10m stands for ten metres. I don’t think the pole reaches quite ten metres into the sky, but some of it is underground so it could well be its total length. But the rest of it means nothing. SPSE – I have no idea. Nor do I know what the rest of it means C4 FH and 3.

It doesn’t really matter, but I see this pole every day and I’d like to know. Can anybody tell me what it all means?


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