From Oban

Actually, perhaps the picture should be called ‘To Oban’. That is where the ferry is heading for – and has almost arrived. The picture was taken ‘from Oban’.


This photo dates from August 2001. I imagine that ferry was coming in from Mull although I couldn’t be 100% certain of that. I think I can make out the ship’s name as ‘Isle of Mull’ which seems a pretty good clue. Like all ferries in the area, it was operated by Caledonian MacBrayne – often abbreviated to CalMac these days.

Across the water, just beyond the ferry is the island of Kerrera  Back in 2001 visiting that island was a step too far for us, but in 2009 we took a trip across and enjoyed a good walk on that island – and a cup of tea at the Kerrera Tea Shop. There are no real roads on Kerrera and no cars although we did see post being delivered by quad bike.

The high mountains in the backdrop are on Mull. Again, in 2001 it was a step or a cost too far for us – we were still paying to keep a daughter at uni back then. But again, in 2009 we hopped across. This was only for a day trip.

Back in 2001 the blue border was a feature of my photos – but when lots of people started adding borders I decided to give them up. I still quite like the simple blue border though. The photo was taken on my 1.3 megapixel Olympus camera which is still in use. It can still produce prize winning photos when it comes to the flower show in the village.


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