Granny at Butley

Granny was born in the heart of East Sussex. It was on New Year’s Day 1892 that Granny first saw the light of day. Her parents lived in the parish of Little Horsted at the time. But whilst dad was a local man, mum was not. Well obviously she was a woman, but she hailed, originally, from the little village of Butley in Suffolk. Why she and two sisters all arrived in the same part of Sussex is not clear, but a James Cable also moved from Butley to become a woodreeve and to live at Plashetts Park in Little Horsted. Maybe, in some way, the three sisters came with him, or maybe one did and the others followed.

Anyway, Granny was no traveller but in her old age, when my dad had a car, he did take her about. And so, in 1968, Granny visited Butley, birthplace of her own mum, and dad took a photo of her standing by the school which her mum had attended.


Granny looks small against the school – which I know is a private house these days and it probably was back in 1968. Let’s zoom in on her a bit.


My dad was usually good with captions.


I am sure this was quite a moment for Granny, to be standing in the footsteps of her ancestor and, indeed, ancestors. Generations of Crosbys came from Butley.


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