Sandhurst (Kent)

This Sandhurst is not to be confused with the town in Berkshire – home of the Royal Military Academy. Sandhurst in Kent is a small, rather scattered village close to the boundary with Sussex and the little village of Bodiam.

I have ancestors called Mallion and they seem to originate from Sandhurst so let’s take a look at the place. We’ll start with the church which is a mile or so from the main village and in a separate settlement called Sandhurst Cross.


To be honest, I find that flat topped tower just a tad austere. But many a Mallion will have been hatched, matched and despatched here although there are not, as far as I can discover, any gravestones. But then there was extreme poverty. I’d like to think that perhaps some toadstools mark a Mallion.


Here’s the font where G G G grandfather John Mallion, and his mother before him, were baptised.


Cottages near the church are probably a bit too classy for my ancestors to have lived in, but no doubt they knew them.


Let’s now move to the village, sometimes known as Sandhurst Green. Historians believe the little migration was for economic reasons.


There are typical weather boarded, Kentish cottages.


Ancestors would have known these cottages.

Cars are unavoidable these days but I reckon this place is a favourite of mine. I’d like to think ancestors might have lived here.


I’m sure that would have been more than one dwelling.

Lovely place, Sandhurst!


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