Sky tracks


This was the view out of my bathroom window the other morning. Now I love these misty mornings and in my family we tend to call them ‘etheral’. This followed my late sister teasing me about a missing ‘e’ in the word ethereal.

In this view, our normal downland scene is entirely lost in the mist and the rising sun has yet to fully break through. It allows attention to fall on those vapour trails, many seemingly heading to the same point.

The view here is roughly to the south east and I wouldn’t think that ought to be a major direction for airliners. We are roughly due west of the major airports around London and we do see high level liners on an eastward or westward trajectory. But the area to the southwest of us is a military range and so probably these were military jet trails – and maybe they did have a target in mind somewhere on the ranges.

Whatever the reason, I rather like the moody picture.


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