Mum’s teapot

My mum was a tea drinker – and I have followed suit. Mum was not a tea bag user. It was always the packet of loose tea for us. Mum’s preference was for Typhoo. I bullied her, in the late 50s to get Brooke Bond so I could collect the Out into Space tea cards. When money was tighter than usual a Co-op own brand was purchased.

Mum always drank tea black although as a child, I had milk and sugar in mine. Oddly, for it has no connection with my mother, I have dropped both sugar and milk now so I have my tea just like mother did.

Using leaf tea meant using a teapot. There was a ‘tea’ spoon, a perforated spoon with a perforated lid that could be opened and closed. You can still buy them, but clearly my mother never thought much of it. She used the pot. This pot!


It’s made of aluminium, with plastic handle and knob and was used just about all the time. I inherited this for my dad was never a tea drinker and I used it for a while.

But aluminium, rightly or wrongly, started to get a bad press. Some people think it links to forms of dementia. We stopped using the pot and have used china ones for years now.

Not that any aluminium, inside the pot, ever touched the drink. The inside is deeply lined with tannin.


I keep the tea pot purely in remembrance of my mother who died as long ago as 1967.


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