Hadlow Down

We were on our way to my sister’s funeral and our route took us past Hadlow Down Church. It isn’t a building I like all that much. It dates from the 1830s and was built in Gothic Perpendicular revival style. I would pass it by if it weren’t for family connections.

I have two relatives buried there – great grandfather James and his daughter Hephzibah.


The wooden memorials are long gone – never seen by me – but they live on in my mind and I think I know where these two graves were. In an earlier blog post I showed an orchid on the spot where great grandad was buried. I’m not sure what the 2014 flower is.


Hadlow Down graveyard is regarded as a prime wildflower and wildlife spot. A red admiral butterfly was enjoying the blooms.


Inside, the church is actually quite decent.


Yes – a pleasing simplicity. Now inside the church there is a war memorial – or rather two different ones. One recalls the people killed in the world wars. Another lists all those from the parish who fought in WW1.

There’s a fair chance I have actual relatives amongst the 88 men listed on this document but I shall pick on a small group, related to me by marriage. My grandad’s only younger sister married Walter Pope of this parish.


The couple married soon after the end of the war, in December 1919 and emigrated to Oz in 1921. I have quite a collection of second and more distant cousins in Oz.

The other Popes listed are all Walter’s brothers and so were two more, listed a bit further down.


I can find relatives in all sorts of places in East Sussex.


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