Harold Lanceley

Harold was not a close relative – a cousin three time removed which means he was a cousin of my great grandfather. My great grandfather was twenty years older than Harold but they lived in much the same part of Cheshire so they may have known each other from 1891 when Harold was born until about 1905 when great grandfather moved south.

I had managed to beg little bits of the life of Harold from other researchers.

8 June 1891 at (Thompson Villas) Stockport Road, Timperley.
1901 with parent
30 March 1918 at St John’s Church, Altrincham. Age 27, occupation: Lieutenant, residence 8 Byrom Street, Altrincham. Married after banns. Witnesses Emily Lanceley and Charles Sowerbutts.
Was posted missing for a day after going over the top at Gommecourt – returning from noman’ s land with injured comrade. A bullet hit him in the nose and it wasn’t reset properly.  Also had a piece of shrapnel lodged behind the ear which stayed as a lump.
Had a brother Ernie, both in A Company 5th Battalion Cheshire. Ernie was captured by Germans and spent time in prisoner of war camps.
1919 living at 8 Byrom Street, Altrincham; occupation Nurseryman’s Salesman (ex-Army)
1930 registered father’s death, living at Wood Lane, Timperley.
1939 living at Birkin Farm, Ashley; occupation Nurseryman (at Clibran’s nursery?).
1947 registered mother’s death, living at Birkin Farm.
After he lost his job at Clibran’s, he and Ginnie (Jane) had to move in with his son Eric and his wife, as they lost their home with the job.
d 18 February 1971 at Wythenshawe Hospital aged 79 of bronchopneumonia and carcinoma apical segment right lower lobe bronchus (lung cancer) certified by R.Kean L.R.C.P., municipal gardener retired of 16 Hough Green, Ashley. Informant Alfred Edward Sant, son in law, of 23 Park Ro ad, Hale. Registered 19 February 1971.

All good and interesting stuff, no doubt but just recently I found that somebody had put some photos on a WW1 web site at http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/ww1lit/ . So from that site here we see the marriage of Henry, in military uniform, to Jayne Royle back in 1918.


And from a little earlier we see the two brothers, Ernie and Henry in uniform.


I’d love to hear from others who might know more about these relatives of mine, particularly, of course, the person who posted them.


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2 Responses to “Harold Lanceley”

  1. Sue Says:

    Harold Lanceley was my grandfather. Loved him to bits. I have a brother, Ian, and a twin sister, Pat. We have family.

    • locksands Says:

      Hi Sue

      Lovely to hear from you. I think I have been in touch with your brother in the past. I think quite a bit of my information came from him.

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