Photos don’t lie!

When computer manipulation of images first came about, I used to play with pictures a lot. Maybe it is a phase many of us go through. One of my favourite, and relatively simple tricks, was to carefully cut out something from one picture and then paste it into another. Here are a couple of examples where scenes in London have ‘benefited’ by having a goose stuck in front. I am very fond of geese and you can be sure that I’ll photograph them if I see them.


So here’s Somerset House – plus goose. Somerset House is grand anyway, but perhaps the goose compensates for the dull grey sky on that day.

And here, goosey  poses in front of The Strand underground station.


But as time went on, I stopped doing these things. The camera, it seemed, may not lie, but the photographer does.

Now I can’t pretend my photos tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth but if they are out and out lies I do confess to it. But like most of us, I crop to remove extraneous and unwanted items, I certainly alter brightness and contrast to turn the picture into what I reckon I saw. I’ll straighten up horizons – sometimes. I may use gentle deformations to make upright items look upright. But on the whole, a photo of mine can be guaranteed to be tolerably truthful.

Mind you, I could be tempted to put goosey, like a copyright symbol, in all my photos!


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