Autumn Butterflies

I do like butterflies and wildlife generally. Here are a couple of butterflies seen last month in Sussex.


This little beauty is a speckled wood. According to what I know this one, dark brown with white spots should be the northern variant. Ones from the south are supposed  to have orange spots. Maybe that colour is in the eye of the beholder and maybe the camera does its best but doesn’t get it spot on. These butterflies could still be seen right to the end of September.

My other butterfly might show that colour rendition is never straight forward with a camera. These two photos are of the same individual.


Here we seem to have quite a lime green beast, supping nectar but its name – brimstone certainly implies yellow. And in another photo it looks much more yellow.


In both cases it could easily be mistaken for a leaf.

Lovely little creatures!


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One Response to “Autumn Butterflies”

  1. hihowsyou25 Says:

    Wonderful capture !

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