Shoreham – 1952 and 2001

Once again, I’m looking at a photo from 2001. This one shows Shoreham Harbour.


Well, it looks quite pleasing, with assorted pleasure craft idling away during the summer months. From time to time I ponder on just how much money is spent on pleasure craft which are rarely used.

But this time I’m also looking back another 49 years to 1952. My earliest memories come from that year and some of them certainly took place in the Shoreham area. My dad, who was a student at the time, had agreed to help with a scout camp which gave us a free holiday. And here’s the photo he took of Shoreham Harbour.


It is a totally different world, except that it was summer back then and the boats still seem to be idle. But apart from that all has changed. We can note that most of the boats today are much smaller and almost universally they are not made of wood. Most of these boats probably, originally, had some commercial purpose.

Another photo my dad took in 1952 was this one.


You might just notice the footbridge on the left of this photo. I remembered that bridge with a mixture of fear and love. I must have liked bridges even as a three year old! In 2001 I sought it out for a special photo. I didn’t actually have my dad’s photos then so I was not attempting to match it.


Good to see the old bridge still performing its task.


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