The Hen House

When we moved into our present house, back in 1976 there was a hen house out in the field.


Yes, that was it and pretty derelict it was. But when we were offered some poultry – a friend was moving abroad and needed to re-home their little flock – we decided we could renovate this old wreck and move it to a better location. And amazingly enough we did. You can’t see it in the picture, but this old shed like building was on wheels but it needed things we hadn’t got to move it – something with horse power so in rebuilding it we removed the wheels and built a solid base for it.

There’s one of the wheels after a fall of snow.


Snow was obviously the occasion for photo taking for here’s the hen house in new location with a few hens pecking at the food put out in the snow.



It lasted for years but after one storm we were unable to find all of the roof and that was basically the end of it.




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