Waverley at Yarmouth

We have had luck seeing the paddle steamer Waverley in various places. Back in September 2003 it was on a day trip to the Isle of Wight. We weren’t of bus-pass age then, but we still used the buses – a cheaper option to taking the car on the ferry. This was what I wrote at the time.


Some of us have luck. We had travelled on Southern Vectis from Ventnor to Yarmouth, stopping and shopping in Newport. We decided to get a cup of tea at the pier café in Yarmouth, and let a ferry go. It was then that the paddle steamer Waverley hove into view


and tied up on the pier we were on. The cuppa was consumed very fast so that we could get out to really see the boat. A magic moment on 13th September 2003.



We caught the next ferry to Lymington, sailing up alongside the pier which still had Waverley at the end.




As we passed the stern of the boat, she was just leaving – a bit of reverse first to get a better angle.



Then off went Waverley, leaving us with a view of her, in the Solent, and the heights of Brook Down behind, on the island.


Ah yes, back in 2003 I used to always put blue borders around photos within a document. I still think it looks quite good.

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