A stamp collection

It was over a year ago that I made a comment about not really understanding why people collected stamps. At the same time I commented that I had been a train spotter which is also, really, a pretty silly occupation. But in truth I have collected a few stamps –  only guess what? They are stamps with pictures of trains on them.

It is often the smaller stamp issuing countries or regions which go in for stamps in a big way.  The Isle of Man is one such place and when we visited that island, back in 1993, we purchased some stamps. It was a set of the railway stamps which had been issued in 1988.

I mounted them and they have been on display more or less ever since. And I now realise they have seriously faded.


Let’s pick one as an example.


This is one of the Snaefell, mountain climbing trams – and this is what it should look like.


I actually feel quite regretful that I have allowed these to deteriorate so but I can’t turn back time and I don’t think I’d consider getting another set. These were the ones we bought as a souvenir of a memorable holiday. Others wouldn’t be the same.

I do, of course, have photos I took at the time. Here’s a Snaefel tram at Laxey, the bottom end of the line.


I really ought to find some more memories from that holiday!

And I’ll learn the lesson and not allow too much light exposure in future!


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