Milk that moos

Amongst many silly jumble sale bought items I have is a milk carton of what is now the old fashioned ‘tetrapak’ kind.


At a quick glance it looked the part – just like any other carton of milk but all is not as it seems at first glance.


This product was provided by ‘Funny Farm’ and in truth we’d never expect the top to be fastened with metal staples.


The suggestion that you should see the instructions on the base is, of course, absurd. The container is clearly open so the milk will spill out.

Only of course, there isn’t any milk!

Click here to discover what happens.

Now that’s the most sheep baaing sort of cow moo I have ever heard!

Cartons like that just aren’t used any more so as a silly practical joke the carton is all but worthless.

But it’s still harmless, silly fun.

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