Pumpkin Soup

I have a guest writer today. This is a letter my wife sent to our grandson. I thought I’d put it on the blog because it seemed quite sweet to me. And so, can I say, is the pumpkin soup.


Hello C

I thought you might like to know what has happened to our Hallowe’en pumpkin, so I took some photographs for you.

I like the story about pumpkin soup, so I thought I would make some.


I got out my recipe book and found out what to do. I didn’t have a squirrel and a cat and a duck to help me, so I did it all by myself.


I had to take off the pumpkin skin and chop up the inside flesh, but I saved the face to remind me of what a lovely time we all had together at Hallowe’en.


I cooked the pumpkin with some butter and onion and celery and the juice I saved from when I cooked the chicken for us all. Then I whizzed it all up in the food mixer and added some milk and nutmeg and pepper.


Grandad and I had lovely pumpkin soup for lunch and there is some left for tomorrow.


We hope you had a good day at school today and that you are pleased to be back with Baxter.

Lots and lots of love

From Granny


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