The cat, the cow and the railway line

Please don’t turn away from this post. It is NOT about railways or trains. So I’d better explain that first of all.

Back in 1971 my wife and I – just married – moved into our first home. We were able to buy a small, brand new semi-detached house.  It was fine in every way except that the garden was small. Behind the garden there was the track bed of a closed railway line and the other side of that there were fields.

We grew veg on a little bit of the embankment above the track bed of the old railway, but we had an aim to buy our bit of railway. And, eventually, we did. We had to persuade ten householders in a row that they wanted to buy it as well. Actually, we didn’t get all ten of us, but some of us decided we’d have two plots so one could be garden and the other an allotment. We had to create a three foot wide path along the bottom of plots so people could get from the garden behind their house to their allotment behind another house. According to the deeds drawn up we had the right to ‘pass and repass with or without wheelbarrow’ along that path.

And it is that path that forms the scene for today’s little story.

Beyond the old railway line, which became garden, there were fields and in 1974 there were young cows in the field. One produced calves just behind our garden.


It was inevitable that our young cat would come into contact with cows and so it did.


There’s the cat – it was called Inca – sitting on the path looking through the old railway fence at a curious cow. It was quite a stand-off as I recall with much hissing and yowling by Inca and a bit of hoof stamping by the cow. Presumably, eventually, the two parties declared their own truce and each went about their own business.

A couple of years later, Inca moved with us to our present house. Since then the cow field has been built on so similar encounters won’t happen there any more.

By the way, the photos were taken on my good old Canon demi camera using agfachrome film and digitised using my current scanner.


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