My birthplace again

Getting on for a couple of years ago I wrote about my birthplace and used a sketch by a German prisoner to illustrate it. Today I am looking at the same place again, but this time through the eyes of me, or maybe I should say of my girlfriend. It was 1967 and I was a youthful 18 year old with a driving license and I took my girlfriend to see the house where I was born. I’m in the photo so she must have taken the shot.


Well, I suppose it still looked quite idyllic. It is a cottage of Tudor origins but it had sprouted a plaque saying it dated from 1550 – something I’m assured hadn’t existed some 17 years earlier when we left. Older photos (and, indeed, sketches by German prisoners) show a place really set in woodland. It had lost something of that ‘back of beyond’ look.

This has continued and by the early years of the 21st century it ceased to look much like the home my father had loved.


This has a large extension at right angles to what we see. Rather than a pair of workers cottages we have a gentrified house.

I’ll just say, again, that girlfriend became wife in 1971 and that’s the way things still are.


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