Morfa Mawddach

Morfa Mawddach is a railway station in west Wales.


Let’s try to get the pronunciation first. Morfa is pronounced ‘more var’ Mawddach starts off as mou as in mouse. Then has a th sound as in ‘the’ and ends ack.

English speakers can find Welsh hard! But being able to pronounce it properly matters. The station is a request stop. If you are on a train and wish to alight at this station you have to ask the guard. I remember our first attempt when we asked the guard if he’d make sure the train stopped for us at ‘More fur more datch’. He claimed not to know the place. I suspect he was teasing us but taught us how to say it.

We took our children camping close by this station three times in the 1980s. Back then it still had something of the former grandeur of an important junction station. Once upon a time it had been known as Barmouth Junction and looked like this.


By 2006 when we revisited it was a single, rather windswept and desolate platform.


Scenically this is a marvellous place. It is just south of the Mawddach estuary and Barmouth lies across the other side. A long bridge enables trains to cross and it has a footpath alongside it.


In 2006 we walked across.


The estuary is fantastic and the southern side is dominated by the brooding hulk of Cader Idris.


The bridge itself is a wonderful bit of engineering.


That looks towards Barmouth.

And this shows the view to Morfa Mawddach.


There’s a view out to sea as well.


It’s a great train journey, of course. There are miles and miles of spectacular scenery from, say Machynlleth in the Dovey valley right through to Pwllheli on the Lleyn peninsula.








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2 Responses to “Morfa Mawddach”

  1. Alison from Gawsworth Says:

    I have been there too. Every year as child we stayed near Barmouth. Happy Memories.

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