“Up Barry’s”

My son was always keen on plants – and still is. As a youngster he was a keen cactus enthusiast and in about the year 1990 he decided it was time to start work with plants.

Vicarage Lane Nursery was a mere short cycle ride away. It was owned and run by a chap called Barry and we got used to the call from our lad on a Saturday morning which said, ‘I’m just going up Barry’s!’

Barry had a huge collection of modern glasshouses in which he grew all sorts. I never knew much about just what he grew or how he marketed his produce although we know he had stalls on Devizes market for sometimes, in school holidays, the lad went and worked there.

Our young man left for university and pastures new before Barry retired. For a while his nursery became an outpost for a local prison – a chance for people who had committed a crime to learn skills and to experience being somewhat trusted whilst working. Sadly that didn’t last all that long for various reasons. ‘Up Barry’s’ became neglected and careworn but still looked to have potential if anybody was interested in running a plant nursery.

This rather distant shot dates from September 2010.


It gives some idea of the scale of the place. Those glass houses were, indeed, big.

Another shot dates from July 2013.


Here we see the front greenhouses as seen from Vicarage Lane. These houses are not the one seen in the 2010 picture.

Presumably no buyer could be found to take on the nursery. This was the scene in November 2014.


There’s not a glass house in sight. In fact the entire area ‘Up Barry’s’ has been flattened.


That covers the area shown in the 2013 picture.

And here’s the whole area laid bare.


So farewell to Vicarage Lane Nursery. Up Barry’s is a thing of the past.


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