An unidentified rail vehicle at Wimbledon

It’s 1969. I’m a student and had just bought (second hand) my Canon Demi camera. Why I was at Wimbledon, I don’t know. It had been a trainspotting haunt for me seven or eight years earlier. I had almost certainly travelled along the West Croydon to Wimbledon line, probably just to see it. Anyway, whilst waiting at Wimbledon, this train came through.


The leading vehicle was outside my experience – probably an engineer’s saloon. I can see it is attached to a standard electric train of the era. This lets us see its flat rather than curved sides which gave it the potential to be a go anywhere vehicle. I have to say it looked very smart in its fresh, bright, British Rail livery.

45 years on I still wonder about its origins and purpose. Maybe some other nerd will be able to tell me more.

Here’s hoping!


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2 Responses to “An unidentified rail vehicle at Wimbledon”

  1. General Secretary Southern Electric Group Says:

    Hi. It was a Hastings DEMU car converted to GM saloon
    Famous for being used by Charles and Di after their wedding.

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