Dungeness revisited

A couple of years ago I described Dungeness as a nerd’s delight so no wonder, when we holidayed in Sussex a couple of months ago we took the opportunity to nip into Kent and look at Dungeness again. It is, in my mind, akin to visiting another planet in places, but with familiarity elsewhere.

Let’s start with the familiar. Yes, it’s the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway, the rather odd very narrow gauge line which carries passengers along quite a stretch of Kent Coast, actually from Hythe all the way to Dungeness.


It is powered by now quite elderly steamers. This Canadian style one has the name of Doctor Syn.

And we can see from the people on the right that the loco is miniature. We can also see the 1960s built lighthouse above the loco.

Doctor Syn, we can see, dates from 1931.


People live at Dungeness – a place where planning seems to allow all sorts of weird and wonderful little dwellings.


Gardening isn’t always easy on shingle so here we see a stick garden.


And why not use detritus washed up on the shore to make a work of art.


Dungeness is a good place to sit and watch the sea, with just an outside chance of catching lunch.


Others just cruise past on their swish yachts.


Well perhaps that is the more familiar stuff. We’ll move to the really delightful area on another occasion.



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2 Responses to “Dungeness revisited”

  1. gaphodoc Says:

    I cannot not think of Dungeness here on Cumberland Island Georgia USA!

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