The Weather Station

A fascination with weather might go with being a happy nerd. For some years I have rather coveted my son’s weather station. This year, for a recent birthday, I was given one of my own.

Outside in the garden there is a transmitter station which looks like this.


This is, as yet, in a temporary location since I haven’t yet decided where or just how to fix it.

Inside the house is a small display which gives you loads of information.


At the top we have date and time and below that we are told the temperature and relative humidity inside. Yes, it was 17.9 degrees in my living room at 9.23 am on 2nd December 2014.

Outside the relative humidity was higher but the temperature was a mere 7 degrees. I have chosen displays in Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. Underneath that we have a welcome prediction of what is coming. My device says the clouds should go and leave a clear sky. The prediction may not be right. It is based on the pressure history which is showing a rising pattern which is certainly associated with better weather. Currently the pressure is 1004.7 millibars. Again, I had a choice of units. We have a wind speed and a rain gauge. There has been no rain since I set this station up.

Pressing buttons can give different information – like maxima and minima. Alarms can be set. A gardener, for example, might set a 3 degree alarm to know that he or she should protect less than hardy plants. People with washing out on a line might set a rain alarm. I don’t think I’ll make much use of alarms.

You can also get different information altogether, like dew points.

I love it and I’ll love it even more if its weather prediction is right.

Postscipt – the sun began to appear at just about 11 in the morning. Yippee!



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